Bridging the gap between brands and publishers. is an online Dutch media culture magazine that originated from a Havas Amsterdam research project into the meaningfulness of over 100 media brands in The Netherlands. What we set out to research was performance. What we found was culture. So much so, we decided to create a dedicated online environment to study it. Our goal is to build a bridge between publishers, brand marketers and media managers, and most important of all: the Dutch media audience. 


We’ve flipped the script: first, we find the deepest meaning in any given cultural environment. With these insights, we can create new concepts and ideas for the entire Dutch media, entertainment, art, and communication field. Enjoy our insights into the best and coolest that our culture-below-sea-level has to offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. And of course, hit that sub-button for regular updates. Love as always. And plant those trees people.


Plant those trees.


Rogier van Kralingen
Havas Amsterdam

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