Lecture Media Creativity

The interactive duo lecture Media Creation is by two experts in both media and creation about the evolution of communication and the birth of a new discipline: the media creative. Based on the new book Mediastorm, the two-man lecture is an inspiring look into both the past and the future of worldwide media usage.

About Rogier van Kralingen

All sessions will be presented by founder our Havas Communication Chief Rogier van Kralingen from The Whole Story, together with the best experts from Havas Amsterdam. Rogier is an award-winning writer, lecturer, and musician, who has created stories for over two hundred organizations in art, business, charity, and government.

References on lectures and books from TWS

“Absolutely Fantastic” (Johan Cruyff University) / A-rating (SCAD University USA) / Keynote Designyatra Mumbai / Keynote Fintech / “Master in Storytelling” (PostNL) / “Connected” (De Telegraaf) / “Exhilarating” (Frankwatching) / “Grand” (MarketingTribune)/ Masterclasses Erasmus and Nyenrode Universities

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