Workshop Meaningful Media Brands (full day or half day)

The Meaningful Media Brands study is our magical formula. It is based on the worldwide Havas Meaningful Brands research in which we measure which brand attributes hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide find the most important. With MMB we add a historic twist: it allows us to measure the strengths of both brands and media brands, and then make a match based on the consumers wishes.

That’s unique. It helps advertisers. But our research team, lead by Judith Dudok, also uses the findings to strengthen the editorial board on the creator’s side: the media brands themselves. So whether you are an advertiser or a media brand, let’s set up a workshop and start creating some media magic.

About Rogier van Kralingen

All sessions will be presented by founder our Havas Communication Chief Rogier van Kralingen from The Whole Story, together with the best experts from Havas Amsterdam. Rogier is an award winning writer, lecturer and musician, who has created stories for over two hundred organizations in art, business, charity and government.

References on lectures and books from TWS

“Absolutely Fantastic” (Johan Cruyff University) / A-rating (SCAD University USA) / Keynote Designyatra Mumbai / Keynote Fintech / “Master in Storytelling” (PostNL) / “Connected” (De Telegraaf) / “Exhilarating” (Frankwatching) / “Grand” (MarketingTribune)/ Masterclasses Erasmus and Nyenrode Universities

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