Het Tijdperk van Cynisme – Meaningful Brands Research 2021

The Meaningful Media Brands study is based on the global Havas study Meaningful Brands, conducted with 400.000 respondents every year for 12 years now, in 21 categories, 30 markets and about 2000 brands. Meaningful Brands measures key functional and emotional attributes that the consumer finds most important, measuring how meaningful brands are in the lives of consumers. The result for 2021 are downright worrying. By and large, consumers think the world is in a state of crisis and the expectations for brands to do their part are met with cynicism. Check our research to find out all the details, and which attributes are most important for your brand to work on. Download it here and get in touch if you want to know more.

Thijs Muller

Directeur van Havas Media Nederland, voorzitter van Platform Media Adviesbureaus en co-auteur van Mediastorm

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